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Wisdom Database

When I finished my studies back in 2015, I immediately started to look for job. As a fresh graduate, I was motivated to finally enter 'the real world' and do what society expected me to do.

But after going from one application to the other, I reluctantly started to realize that:

So I understood that, despite many years of education, the only way to find clarity was to keep investing in my ability to understand myself and the world around me.

Since then I have been an avid learner, copiously reading dozens of books on all kinds of relevant topics, such as psychology, biology, neuroscience, self-development, futurology, business and more.

Reading has tremendously helped me to ease my existential crisis and find clarity in the storm. Because it has been so helpful, I diligently took notes from the books I’ve read in order to better process their insights and ideas and revisit them when needed.

Most of the core ideas I’ve encountered in these books are shared freely in my Notes collection on this site, however they are just a part of my full notes which I keep in a database in Notion which I call Wisdom.

Example of Wisdom accessed from a phone.

It also includes notes from podcasts, videos and courses that I’ve consumed over the years on topics such as storytelling, entrepreneurship, and relationships. (see what is included).

If you were to read all these books, take notes, and sort them out - it would take you a painful amount of time to do it. Instead, you can get LIFETIME access to Wisdom for only 25$.


If you are new to personal development, you can use these notes to: 

If you are not new to personal development, you can use these notes to:

Here is how it works:

You will receive a link to the Wisdom database I curate on Notion. You’ll be able to use the search option to find specific titles, or sort the notes by category, and copy past them for your own use.

The best thing is that the list of notes will keep growing strong over time, because I am not done learning. 😉

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Hope to see you on the other side,